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BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO is the model and actor agency who will find you your experienced and beautiful face for your next photoshoot or commercial film. The database contains both professional female and male models with many years of experience in the modeling industry through the agency as well as new top-trained models who are all ready to help our clients with their next branding idea.

We stand for diversity and in some areas, we challenge the classic model measurements, because we always try to create the framework for a model industry that can reflect and represent more of all the beautiful types that we see in the big world today. Therefore, the catalogue also contains a wide selection of beautiful types, each of them with their own unique style to take to work with our clients – and the bookers take care of everything from coordinating time and place to contracts, invoicing and salary, so our clients get an easy and secure booking process.


  • How do I become a BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO model?

    The professional department is a category where we guarantee our clients some models who have experience in the industry and/or have been on extended shoots with the agency in relation to tests and abilities. As a model, you can apply if you have experience/history that you can present.

  • Can I come to the agency’s office for a casting/review?

    No, we do not have open castings. Everyone is welcome to send in an application under the tab “become a model” and then we can invite you to the agency.

  • What are the requirements for height and weight in the PRO department?

    BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO started with a wish of challenging the current measurements and let new faces be allowed to open up for the industry and the models used for jobs. We therefore do not have specific requirements and would always like to receive an application.

  • What jobs can you get as a model?

    We work with a wide range of clients as well as models. You can therefore be offered photo and advertising jobs in everything from beauty and fashion to sports, foods etc. All the areas that you often become acquainted with through your daily meeting with the media.

  • Do I make money as a model?

    If you get a commercial job through BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO you always get paid.  Your booker negotiates the payment based on the working hours and the rights the client acquires on the material.

  • What is the booking procedure?

    In your welcome letter or on the website under the tab “about BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO” you can find the terms and procedure for your admission at the agency. It guides you on booking processes, your profile, payment terms etc.

  • My job is done – when will I get paid the agreed salary?

    Your salary arrives on your bank account about 2 months after finishing your job. We will send a payslip to your e-mail as soon as the money is transferred.

  • Can I make a living as a model?

    Our models use it primarily as an extra job. But if you are focused on making it your way of living you must be prepared to be open and active. Some jobs may be less interesting than others, but the more jobs you say yes to, the more jobs will possibly come your way.

  • Can I be represented as a model at several agencies?

    No. We only represent models who is exclusively with us for the sake of clear lines in the representation to others. Sometimes there are several agencies involved in the same photoshoots/productions and a unique affiliation is important so no confusion will appear. In addition, we will be aware of the model’s advertising history, so we do not risk conflicting bookings based on competitive brands from clients.

  • Do I have to pay to be registered with BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO?

    No and we have no payment subscription service or binding fees. We only offer you to have a portfolio made by our photographer for the cost of 300.- DKK if you do not have material for the profile yourself.

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Our big archive has over 6500 women, men, child models, celebrities and type models.
No matter what kind of model you’re looking for – we can match your needs.


When it comes to choosing new models, we are a bit strict. Not everyone gets accepted, but all is welcome to send us an application. We accept new models after a thorough evaluation, so our clients know they are in good hands here at BASIC CPH.


BASIC CPH have great experience with all kinds of bookings, castings and commercials. We have a sweet professional set of bookers and a committed staff of photographers, stylists and makeup-artists, who can make any task go smoothly and easy for you.

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