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2022-01-25 13:44:58 - Categories: Fashion, Model

SONDER AGENCY HAS LAUNCHED - filled with amazing type models

Say hello to the new sister agency, SONDER AGENCY, The agency celebrating diversity and the unique beauty At the end of 2021 the redemption on many months of creative unfolding towards new horizons took place. SONDER AGENCY went live and was able to present a well-worked idea, where the culmination of intensive casting, production and graphic work took place with the launch of a website where you as a client can find a carefully selected database of fantastic type models.

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2021-11-18 10:57:15 - Categories: Campaign, Fashion, Model

Cool old school vibes on photoshoot with NORDGREEN

There was a need for two young male models, who could deliver just the right attitude in a cool old school setup, as the Danish brand Nordgreen had to produce material with their new collection of functional watches in the shades of the season. AW21 got the slogan "inspired by the past, designed for the future" and we think the many images are looking super sharp in both the setup, look and of course the choice of models from BASIC CPH.

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2021-03-31 15:29:02 - Categories: Campaign, Fashion, Model

PRO model Djuma on photoshoot with the meanswear specialist Deerest Copenhagen

In this article you can read about a sunny day with a fresh and experienced model dressed in the most gorgeous selection of quality suits. This was the framework for the latest photo shoot, which the model agency BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO had set up in collaboration with the menswear specialist, Deerest Copenhagen. This time it was the professional model Djuma, who the modeling agency is lucky to have the pleasure of using for a large range of jobs both through his regular profile at BASIC CPH and the underlying departments at BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO, HAND & BODY and SPORT.

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2020-11-25 15:14:06 - Categories: Campaign, Fashion

Apply and be discovered as a model

BASIC CPH is a model and actors agency with office and studio at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. The agency embrace over 5000 cool typemodels and clients from both Denmark and abroad - and Taby is just on these models, who in little time has gotten many great experiences through her acceptance at the agency. You can also be a part of BASIC CPH by sending an application through our online applicationform on the website. Maybe you will be the next one with a blossoming model career.

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2020-09-09 13:41:51 - Categories: Fashion, Model

Beauty shoot with Salon Lækker

The beauty clinic 'Salon Lækker' was looking for a fine special young face, who was going to be the cover of their new pictures in their store. Our PRO model, Nikoline was luckily the perfect match and the client went all in with the styling of both hair and makeup, so the result could be some great beauty pictures. See a selection of the beautiful pictures here..

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2020-08-27 14:36:11 - Categories: Campaign, Fashion, Model

BeYou campaign with Magasin

It all started with a casting of 15 beautiful selected female BASIC CPH models, who had to present their best view on what is characteristic for them and their interests. Afterwards four of the models got on the shoot for Magasin and their unique BeYou campaign. The location was in inner Copenhagen and the result is officiel both online and on their animated screens and big posters in the stores. we love them!

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2020-06-11 14:53:09 - Categories: Campaign, Model

Christmas campaign with Pandora

A couple months ago BASIC CPH got contacted about a huge Pandora production, which was going to be casted over the summer. Our dedicated employees jumped to the computers in the summer heat and put in a great effort in getting our best models casted. Luckily we succeeded and the first campaign dropped was the Christmas campaign. We are proud of the models involved and the great work they did!

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2020-06-10 16:28:16 - Categories: Campaign, Model

Photoshoot with PRO TEENS

A group of our young teens was chosen to participate in a cool photoshoot on location in the city. So a beautiful luxury flat got a visit of photographer Christine Skude and 8 models, who was styled even more beautiful with the help from the stylist, Jesper Hentze and the lovely Daniel Mortensen in charge of hair. Each model got their individual expression and really succeed in the exact setup they were planned to work with.

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2020-06-10 16:06:51 - Categories: Campaign, Model


BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO is the newest addition to BASIC CPH. It started in the winter of 2019, where we found a common interest with the top professional model, Vanessa Stuhr Ellegaard. BASIC CPH hired the talented woman and started casting and scouting new upcoming and strong faces with great energy.

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2020-06-10 15:28:13 - Categories: Campaign, Model

Brand new PRO polas

We at BASIC CPH always do our best to keep our profiles updated with fresh and strong pictures. Recently Vanessa, Head of PRO, took a round of new faces in our PRO department and made some great new shoots for their portfolios online. The idea is to keep it simple and clean to present the models in the best natural and beautiful way as possible.

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