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PRO model Djuma on photoshoot with the meanswear specialist Deerest Copenhagen

Get a super skilled result with a professional model from BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO

A sunny day, a fresh and super skilled model plus the most fashionable selection of quality suits. This was the framework for the latest photoshoot which the pro model agency BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO set up in collaboration with the menswear specialist, Deerest Copenhagen. The brand started their universe in the spring of 2018 and we bookers have had the pleasure of working with them several times since. In this article it is our professional model Djuma, who was dressed in everything from the most elegant classic suits to gorgeous shirts, vests and wedding clothes.


A continuous good collab between the client and the professional model agency

Deerest Copenhagen is always super cool in the proces of finding some beautiful and fitting outdoor locations in collaboration with real talented photographers, such as Christopher Mertz, who in the gallery below have no trouble proving the ability to really capture various looks from the sharpest angles. In the past other professional models from BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO as well as faces from the main page BASIC CPH have also been on photoshoots with the cool brand, including our male model Manfred who you will quickly spot in the company of other sharp male models like Ilir and Yaw, when you visit the website from Deerest Copenhagen or Instagram. At the model agency we enjoy collaborations with brands such as Deerest Copenhagen, where we are allowed to create a long-term client relationsship which gives us the chance to know each other better and thus give us as a model agency the opportunity to present more and new faces that hopefully quickly hit the spot on the client's needs and thus make the work efficient for both parties.


Professional model today, sportsmodel tomorrow

There is no doubt that the professional model Djuma delivers a high level of work after his now 10 years in the stable as a model at BASIC CPH. Thus he has also become an experienced gentleman which we at the model agency safely send off to clients with a guarantee of delivering a highly experienced amount of work and thus results. However at BASIC CPH we recognize many models for having multiple qualities and only enjoy the fact that these models are able to deliver great work on several of our platforms. Djuma is not only presented as a professional model at BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO. He came to the model agency with some impressive sporting skills and hence a trained look, and from the beginning we bookers saw an opportunity to offer him some good experiences as a sportsmodel at BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT. Most recently you may have already spotted him as one of the main models with the wellknown sports brand, SAYSKY with our other sharp sportmodel, Charléne. Previously he has also worked for Aktiv Træning, as well as clients like LEGO and the Øresund Bridge as a "regular" model at BASIC CPH and hand model for Mastercard at BASIC CPH HAND & BODY. The possibilities are many with Djuma! Therefore there is no doubt that a model like him is a great asset to the model agency and we really enjoy his desire for jobs and many years of good cooperation with us.

If you are already a model with us but feel like you are able to contribute with additional interesting abilities than already stated, then remember you are always welcome to contact us with the new extra information on you. Our clients inquiries can vary between everything from specific musical skills such as violin or guitar to sporting skills such as breakdance, ballet or parkour. We are a model agency who works with both photo and commercial films and thus experience the inquiries dealing with ideas for both classic portraits and super creative storytelling. So bring it on!