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SONDER AGENCY HAS LAUNCHED - filled with amazing type models

BASIC CPH welcomes the sister agency SONDER AGENCY which celebrates diversity and the unique beauty

At the end of 2021 the redemption on many months of creative unfolding towards new horizons took place. SONDER AGENCY went live and was able to present a well-worked idea, where the culmination of intensive casting, production and graphic work took place with the launch of a website where you as a client can find a carefully selected database of fantastic type models. SONDER AGENCY is the epitome of celebrating diversity and challenging the classic beauty ideals by representing a wider range of personalities, where each model's unique characteristics are highlighted rather than hidden. There are no boxes to fit in here - all models must create their own personal box and bring their unique qualities to life through photo shoots, video productions and shows, so you as a client get a model, not only as a face, but also as a co-creator towards a fantastic result.

For many years BASIC CPH has worked towards precisely influencing the industry in the direction that the types are many and more must be able to be presented in the marketing that we are constantly presented with today. From the start the website has always focused on containing a mix of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and types. Therefore no doubt was necessary as to whether SONDER AGENCY was a strong new possible option in pursuing that dream, when the mother-daughter couple, Hanne and Josefine Berzant, came up with the idea of a collaboration.


Find inspiration for your next creative idea

If you as a client are looking to be able to bring something new to your brand or your next marketing idea, then SONDER AGENCY can be your way to inspiration with its streamlined black and white lineup of faces. The website has from the start been launched with over 50 cool types of different genders. As an example you can find the alluring Malu from Greenland, whose bald head interacts uniquely with her green eyes and fine freckles, or the brew-producing Japanese Yuki with his long catchy hair and strong personal touch on both style and attitude. It is more the rule than the exception that especially the personal style shines through and as a client you will always be able to be presented with material reflecting their unique expression too.


An exciting start for the year of 2022

Dansk Magazine, Månestråle, Illum, Mark Kenly Domino Tan, Foam and other cool names are just some of those who have already opened up for bookings on the unique types from SONDER AGENCY. The year has thus started with a confirmation that the models definitely gives a strong impression and we look forward to the upcoming fashion week in February, where SONDER AGENCY has also already booked several names for the catwalk.

If you as a person feel that you can also deliver a strong impression or a bold energy, then the application proces is always open on the website. Here you simply fill in a few brief facts about yourself and choose to upload the photos you feel represent you and your type the best. You can expect an answer regardless of whether there will be a place for you at SONDER AGENCY or not.

We look forward to hearing from you whether you are an interested new model or a client looking for an exciting collaboration with SONDER AGENCY for your next production. Find all contact info here.